Kite Styled Block With Icon

Want to apply this awesome kite styled block with icon on your project? I want to save your 15 to 30 minutes of time with this code snippet. In this code snippet, I have made four columns. First and last with class col-sm-12 and second and third with col-sm-6. I have added a class "service-col" for all four columns, so that there won't be conflict in css with default bootstrap later. Inside these four columns, another div with class name 'service-single' and inside this div a fontawesome icon and a small text in h3.
Live Demo
Kite Styled Block With Icon

While talking about css, the class 'service-single' has 200px width and 200px height and rotated to 45 degree and icon and h3 are rotated to -45 degree. This is very simple and I think you can easily understand code bellow.



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