Top 5 jQuery Plugins for Bootstrap

Bootstrap is awesome. Bootstrap offers almost everything you need to develop a personal website or modern web application. But sometimes we need some features that are not in bootstrap as default. In this time, either we have to code ourself a complete javascript/jquery or searching for plugins. Here in this post I am going to list out top 5 best jquery plugins to extend your bootstrap development and to make your next web project more awesome and attractive.

1. Jasny Bootstrap

bootstrap adons

 Jasny Bootstrap offers some of the best components missing from our best front-end framework bootstrap. This works like an extension for bootstrap by adding some great components and features that you may need to build your web project faster and easier.

2. Bootstrap Tabcordion 

 If you need to change bootstrap tab to accordion or collapse, this adon can be the great solution for you as tab with many title looks odd in mobile devices, you can change tab to accordion to enhance the user experience of your design.

3. Editable Table for Bootstrap

This jQuery based plugin is best to use in web application where editable table is required. You can use this plugin in admin theme design also. This plugin is simple, easy to use and works perfectly with bootstrap.

4. Bootstrap File Input

A contact form in a website is common and some of them may require to use file input option. The default file input that comes with HTML5 is not good and even bootstrap also didn't care about this but you don't need to be worried about file input as this plugin comes with great user interface and support almost all file extension with preview.

5. Bootstrap Link Preview

Have you ever noticed, if you paste a link in Facebook, twitter and google plus, a preview with post title, image and a short description is displayed. If you need same feature on your own website, this simple plugin can help you to make this easily.

If you are using any other great adons with bootstrap, please mention in comments. I will try to cover in my upcoming posts.

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